Grow your business - make it personal

We help solopreneurs in the fitness and lifestyle industry to grow their businesses by providing them with the tools to save time and build deeper connection with their customers.


Why Timo?

A personal assistant that runs your business errands

Timo helps you running your daily business like a real assistant. Managing your calendar, getting back to clients, billing. Timo does it all!

Up-to-date with all client communication in one place

Timo connects to your email account, whatsapp number, facebook messenger, sms and calls. Whatever you discuss. Timo summarizes it so you can

Train your customer engagement skills in 15 minutes every day

Timo is not just an app. We keep you updated with the most effective way to help you engange with your clients

Intelligent notification to engage with your clients regularly

Timo helps you to not follow up with your clients. Setup an intelligent notification to get reminded once a week, after your session or whenever you want. Add templates to save time or automate it.

Client Session log-book, check-in & scheduling

Timo is your business calendar, log-book and check-in app. You will never miss a session or forget to bill a client

Collect feedback to improve your service

Run simple but effective surveys with your clients to improve your feedback.

"The team around Timo is really focussing on their customer. They will create an awesome app!"
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"Great app for designing interfaces like never before."

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